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Every customer counts. As a VoIP reseller, this means always providing your customers with quality VoIP service so they don’t turn to your competitors to correct problems such as delay, echo, or jitter.

If you are hearing continual grumbling from your clients, you can assume your service is suffering from problems such as the following:

  • Best-effort (packet-switched) networks: Packets travel by different routes, and packets can arrive at their destinations in a different order than they were originally sent, or be lost altogether unless your system is best-in-class. Have you ever felt like the party on the other end of the line was uttering nonsensical statements? It could be because of packet loss.
  • Delays caused by propagation, handling and queuing: Speech degradation is caused by a combination of propagation delays (caused by fiber networks that transmit electrons slower than the speed of light), handling delays (from forwarding frames through the network), and by queuing delays (where more packets are sent out than the interface can handle at a given time).
  • Inadequate router: When an Internet connection is used for both voice and data without a router prioritized for VoIP traffic, call quality can be impacted by other applications on the network.
  • Poor Internet connection: Most ISPs provided utility broadband connections that don't account for the quality and reliability requirements of real-time voice packets.

How can you resolve these issues and keep your customers satisfied? Maybe it’s time to choose an industry-leading business VoIP solution like Star2Star that prioritizes call quality and quality of service above all else.

Our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN connects over the Internet to our network of data centers, where we manage and monitor the quality of your phone system, around the clock. The StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN adds end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) information to Internet traffic so that time-sensitive traffic is prioritized over other data traffic, resulting in clearer, more intelligible calls. In fact, your clients will experience 75% less latency and benefit from 24/7/365 monitoring failover.

For more information about how our StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN can help you better support your customers’ VoIP communications, click here.


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