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Making the leap to VoIP isn’t always guaranteed to solve your communications challenges. Many companies migrate thinking it will lead to drastic improvements, only to wind up regretting their decision. 

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The fact is there are many components that go into a successful VoIP migration — and not all vendors are able to guarantee strong results.

VoIP Provider: When To Switch Checklist

So, are you with the right VoIP provider? Here are some tell-tale signs it’s time switch companies: 

Poor Customer Service

Customer service is integral to a smooth VoIP migration. It starts before the sale, by making sure the network is prepared to handle a VoIP transition. The VoIP partner then needs to continue working with the company throughout the transition and the entire lifecycle of the contract, providing on demand support and troubleshooting whenever it’s required. 

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If you’re not getting much or any assistance from your VoIP provider, it’s time to consider making a switch.  

Frequent Outages

An unexpected VoIP outage can have a major impact on a business, shutting down communications and preventing customers from getting through to agents. And while VoIP outages can often result from internal issues, they can also stem from the service provider’s end. 

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It’s important to carefully track and monitor VoIP performance, and to keep close tabs on where performance issues are originating from. If the service provider is continuously responsible, they need to be held accountable. 

High Prices 

One of the top reasons why businesses switch to VoIP is because they want to save money on calls and monthly maintenance. However, companies often wind up overpaying for VoIP due to taxes and hidden fees. 

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VoIP providers should be able to provide full transparency into pricing, and should never try to tack on extra charges into the phone bill.

Limited Functionality 

Today’s customers — especially younger millennials — want access to a variety of communications options. Voice needs to be offered alongside SMS and video. However, not all VoIP providers offer this functionality. Many just offer standalone voice service, putting their customers at a disadvantage. 

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Look for a provider that offers high quality and affordable VoIP along with enhanced collaboration services for seamless team productivity. This will become increasingly important as businesses evolve in a post-pandemic landscape, with a need for reliable remote technology infrastructure.

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