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What were your expectations when you deployed a hosted unified communications (UC) system for your organization? Think back for a minute, and consider whether they’ve been met. If not, we have some suggestions to help you optimize your UC solution.

Whether you were looking to gain a certain ROI, or simply streamline communications and then sit back and watch your productivity grow, you anticipated specific benefits. Let’s look at what some of those might be and how you can achieve them:

Flexible Functionality

When you implemented your UC solution, you intended for it to do more than simply meet current business needs. You were sold on the system’s flexibility that would allow you to extend functionality as your business grew—from simply adding employees to expanding physical locations. How has that been working for you? Hopefully, you’ve found that your workers and customers have never had to wait for the phone system to catch up with their communication needs. Adding lines on the fly is a feature of a best-in-class UC system. Pooling your lines is another simple solution provided by UC for businesses with multiple locations, reducing the number of lines you need—and saving your money.

Professional Presentation

Has your UC solution enabled you to function like the big players in your industry even with limited resources, from budgets to staff? It should help with your professional presentation and ease of connecting with customers and colleagues. If not, look into advancing these characteristics with UC features such as cost-saving online faxing, auto attendants that ensure all incoming calls are answered quickly and directed to the right employee, and video, audio, and Web conferencing software that will save money on travel while still delivering personalized (face-to-face) service and collaboration on shared documents.


With access to the same phone system, employees can connect from anywhere on any device. Your cloud-based UC system should give users the ability to forward calls, fax, listen to voicemail, change greetings, and much more. How’s this working in your ecosystem? If you need greater flexibility managing and monitoring disparate workers, use features like presence and conferencing.

Ease Of Use

Have you been able to maximize the benefits of your UC system without IT expertise? These systems are designed with the user in mind and provide access to every service, feature, and setting remotely at anytime through a secure online portal. This should mean that users can easily and independently manage their own communications without the need of IT support—saving you money if you’ve been outsourcing this service. For additional functionality, more advanced systems go beyond administrative privileges. Are you using Find Me-Follow Me and Click-To-Call for example?

Be sure you’re getting the greatest value from your UC system. Likely you haven’t tapped into all its features yet. Consider renewing the push for user adoption or talking to your service provider about optimizing UC capabilities. 


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