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On any given day in the Star2Star office, you might find some of our employees checking out our space museum. We have an original NASA lab coat, the malfunction checklist for Apollo 13 signed by Jim Lovell, the mission insignias (or patches) of the Apollo program, and other space-related artifacts (a game of space-edition Monopoly, anyone?). Our feelings of kinship with NASA, an organization that shares our spirit of innovation and exploration, not only make the office a happier place, they also remind us of our daily mission: to push the envelope of communication by being open to learning new things, and applying that knowledge to make life better in the here and now.

We take our mission seriously. Our innovative unified communication (UC) tools have won several “Product of the Year” awards, and we are listed as one of the top 10 UC-as-a-service providers in North America. We’ve also been ranked among the fastest-growing and most-promising companies in America, which is why we need you.

If you also believe that communication has the power to change the world for the better, why not consider joining the Star2Star team? We’ve built a culture around positive relationships and a growth mindset, and we’re looking to continue operating that way. All of our employees, our Stars, benefit from the following:

  • Meaningful work, passionate peers: We are a technology leader in business communications, and our people are visionaries in the field. We encourage our employees to develop their passions in the workplace and take initiative in presenting new ideas and business solutions. Everyone is crucial to our success, no matter their role or department.
  • A strong business model: Our adherence to the 3Ps principle makes our business stronger, and your success assured: predict (anticipate market needs), prepare (exceed expectations by being action-oriented and organized), and present (communicate ideas and work as a team).
  • Professional and personal development opportunities: We believe that employee growth is enhanced by working across and within different teams. As a result, internal movement is integral to our culture and expansion, and mentors help transform employees into leaders.
  • Benefits and rewards: We offer a number of healthcare options, a matching 401K program and subsidized meals.

We’re looking for people who are:

  • Forward-thinking and want to make an impact
  • Willing to contribute ideas
  • Collaborative and self-motivated
  • Productive in a fast-paced, challenging environment
  • Interested in continuous learning

We’re always looking for ways to be better; if you share the same passion for growth, we’d love to hear from you. To find out more about how you can be part of our future exploration and innovation team, and to see the current jobs available at Star2Star:

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