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If you’re facing a rainy season in your business, consider it a golden opportunity to determine exactly what’s gone wrong and what you can do about it. 

While it’s tempting to blame external factors for less-than-stellar business performance, the problems are often located in-house. Low productivity, dissatisfied employees, and continuous miscommunication are all signs of a broken internal communications system. All of these could be threatening to your bottom line if left unaddressed. 

Businesses of all sizes face communication obstacles. Large businesses combat the issue of too many employees that are spread out and disconnected, while small businesses often haven’t thought about communication tools at all, leaving employees few options for reaching out to one another. Either way, the result is a disjointed patchwork of unconnected workers, none of whom are benefiting from their coworkers’ knowledge, know-how, insights, and ideas. 

“Knowledge sharing” has long been a major issue for businesses. Companies suffer because their workers simply can’t access the knowledge they need in order to get things done. Knowledge-sharing, when done correctly, leads to increased commitment on the part of employees, greater ownership of work product, job satisfaction, and competitive advantages. In fact, employees are the most important resource in any company. This easy sharing of information, skills, and expertise may seem like a natural phenomenon, but very often, it’s not. Are you doing everything you can to promote a knowledge-sharing culture in your business? 

One of the best ways to address this issue is with unified collaborative communication tools. Here are several tools and how they can help:

  • Instant messaging:  Even within the same building, employees rarely feel compelled to reach out to coworkers if doing so isn’t easy and the results aren’t immediate. Make it easy for them to ask questions, share announcements and make comments by incorporating instant messaging into your communications suite. Encourage people to share or ask in the moment, rather than waiting until the need lessens. Remote workers can get in on the action, too, making them part of the daily communication flow. 
  • Conference calling: Forget about meetings. There’s really no need to leave your desk. Instead, flexible, on-the-fly conference calling makes it easy for employees to “huddle” at any moment, no matter where they are around the building or the globe. Star2Star’s StarConferencing helps decrease the expense of traditional conferencing, often costing half as much as other providers.
  • Video conferencing: If your knowledge assets are mainly on the move, video conferencing is a great way to keep in-the-know people “in the loop.” Video Meetings is robust, interactive, and extremely simple to operate, so your employees won’t hesitate to initiate a conference when vital discussions are needed. Conference participants can also view and collectively edit documents within the conference, sending productivity levels through the roof.  

In addition to these tools, the best unified communications solutions offer options like the ability to send voice messages to email (unified messaging), call transfer options, voicemail groups, access to the system from any device, Find Me - Follow Me call forwarding, and ways to record calls of any type for later reference. 

The takeaway is this: When it comes to improving business performance, communication is key. The most successful organizations have employees that learn quicker and work smarter. Enabling communication between employees also leads to innovation, which can only be a boon for your bottom line in the blooming month of May.

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