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app overload

Back when apps first started making their way into the enterprise, the expectation was they would save time and boost productivity. In many companies, however, the opposite is now taking place as employees have too many apps to manage. People are spending more and more time moving between programs instead of focusing on their work. It’s a distracting, and frustrating problem. 

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A recent study by Cite Research found that 69 percent of workers waste up to 32 days each year navigating between apps. Sixty-eight percent toggle between apps up to 10 times an hour. And workers today are now using an average of four different apps, with 20 percent using six or more. App usage is bound to intensify in the coming years, too, as more solutions come to market.

There’s An App For That...And That

Most enterprise decision makers seem to be aware there is room for improvement with the apps they are using. The majority of organizations have plans in place to upgrade their enterprise apps in order to streamline productivity and drive better user experiences. Looking forward, it will be critical to put Unified Communications (UC) at the forefront of any app improvement strategy.

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If your business is experiencing app overload, one of the best solutions is to find a Unified Communications system that helps you streamline your applications in a way that works for your unique workflows. This may require custom development or integration work, so finding a UC provider that offers a high-quality system and the additional services all in one greatly reduces complexity.

How The Right UC Solution Helps With App Overload

When you find the right provider and solution for your communications needs, you can expect the following benefits which will all help to reduce app overload frustrations:

  • A single platform that unifies core communications technologies such as voice, video, conferencing, mobile, chat, presence management, and more
  • The ideal deployment for your business that gets you up and running with a simplified communications solution
  • User-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate and help you switch seamlessly between the various communications channels
  • Depending on your selected provider, you may also have access to a complete suite of advanced features which you never knew you needed, such as analytics or turnkey integrations to other third-party applications you use
  • Reliable, flexible, and scalable communications that adapt to your business; this is perhaps the most important point of a UC system and one that will provide the most relief from app overload concerns

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