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Your IT department has a lot to do, from setting up network security to implementing mobile use policies. If you’re like most companies, that department is trying to do everything with a limited amount of both human and capital resources. 

Fortunately, implementing the right unified communications solution can really take the pressure off day-to-day communications maintenance and guarantee uptime, clearing the way for IT staff to focus on higher-value activities. 

At Star2Star, we make IT personnel’s lives easier with an ultra-reliable, unique approach that they can count on, thanks to the StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN operating software.

Star2Star delivers the benefits of both on-premise and cloud deployments, with a unique cloud architecture that consists of an on-premise StarBox® and a suite of cloud-based services hosted at highly reliable, redundant data centers. 

The StarBox® connects over the Internet to Star2Star’s Constellation network, which runs on a collection of call routing nodes and data centers distributed across the country. Using data collected from the nodes, the system determines the best call routing to use for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system, providing crisp, clear audio on every call, with no distortion, echo, or delay. It runs from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no spinning hard drive to wear out or fail unexpectedly.

Most hosted solutions have on-premise hardware, just as Star2Star does. The difference between Star2Star’s StarBox® and competitors’ hardware is what’s inside. Our StarBox® takes the place of a typical edge device, while also providing numerous additional features like built-in quality-of-service and call control.  All of that means less work for IT when it comes to maintaining quality voice and messaging infrastructure.

At Star2Star, our rich suite of advanced VoIP and unified communications features can help keep your business at the forefront.

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