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UCaaS Benefits

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about with unified communications as a service (UCaaS). 

Why should you make the transition to a new system? And is it worth it?

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Let’s start with the basics. 

UCaaS is more than just a cutting-edge technology. It represents a fundamental shift in business communications, and one that every company should be utilizing.

Traditional phones, in other words, are very limited in scope. They offer one thing: Voice service. With UCaaS, however, voice service is just one selling point along with features like video conferencing, fax, messaging and more. UCaaS combines multiple communications technologies into a single, cloud-based system that can be accessed from any location.

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Top Benefits Of Using UCaaS: 

Less hardware: Purchasing hardware can be very expensive, especially at scale. With UCaaS, all you need is a computer, an internet connection and in some cases, a headset. And with less hardware, there’s also a reduced risk of downtime. IT won’t have to worry about running around fixing broken fax machines or upgrading phone headsets. Maintenance and upgrades can be delivered easily through the cloud.  

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Improved engagement: One of the top reasons why workers leave jobs is because of a lack of engagement. By leveraging UCaaS, managers can have a much easier time communicating with team members throughout the day and collaborating on projects. Look at any successful team today, and you will find a strong focus on real-time communication and collaboration. 

Enhanced productivity: With improved engagement, of course, comes enhanced productivity. When workers are happy and engaged, they are likely to do better work. Also, UCaaS keeps workers in a centralized hub instead of moving across multiple devices and systems. This results in fewer distractions. So if you want to increase your team’s output, try switching to a UCaaS platform. 

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Guaranteed continuity: Unplanned network downtime is a major concern for businesses across all industries. While traditional phone systems are highly vulnerable to downtime, UCaaS is not. UCaaS enables business continuity and disaster recovery. By leveraging a cloud-based communications system, you can leverage hosted infrastructure that is housed off site in secure locations, and supported by geo-redundancy. So if a major storm rolls through the area and disrupts communications, the business can continue operating as normal.

Better customer service: Customers today expect to be able to communicate on their terms. In addition to speaking over the phone, they also want to engage in video conferences and chat windows. With UCaaS, it’s easy to communicate with customers in a variety of different ways. UCaaS can turn a contact center into a truly customer-centric and flexible environment.

Faster problem solving: Imagine a creative team working across two or three different branch locations. It’s impossible to bring everyone together for regular meetings in a distributed environment. However, using UCaaS teams can exchange information from any location as if they are sitting next to one another in real life. UCaaS can move projects along much faster, making it easier to meet deadlines. This can also reduce stress throughout ongoing projects. 

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Lower monthly costs: Finally, UCaaS makes it possible to leverage VoIP which is much more cost-effective than traditional landline phones. With VoIP, phone lines can be pooled together to reduce monthly costs. It’s also easy to phone lines up or down when needed. 

Keep in mind that if your business does not move forward with UCaaS, you risk falling behind the competition. Chances are likely your competitors are already using UCaaS, giving them a leg up for their communications strategy.


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