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Unified communications (UC) offers big benefits when it comes to enhancing productivity and easing collaboration for better business outcomes, but UC also provides significant cost savings. These come from two main buckets: Employee time and labor, as well as direct financial savings. 

Here are seven ways that businesses are seeing savings through their implementation of UC:

1. Presence

Half (49%) of organizations said they save up to 20 minutes per employee, per day, by knowing coworkers' status and best method of contact. That translates into reaching workers on the first try. Also, 54% said they save up to another 20 minutes by escalating IM chats into phone calls, and yet another 50% saved up to 20 minutes by escalating IM chats into Web conferences. Impressive!

2. Videoconferencing/Telepresence

Face-to-face meetings are critical when dealing with partners, suppliers and customers, but that doesn't mean you have to be on the road all the time. About half (46%) of respondents realized travel savings of more than five days per employee annually by using videoconferencing. 68% reported noticeable productivity improvements between geographically disparate employee groups. 

3. Unified Messaging

Half (50%) of respondents said they saved up to 20 minutes per employee daily from more efficient message management. No more dialing a number for desk voicemail, another for mobile, plus checking IM and chat and email all in different places. Having one repository for messaging saves a lot of busywork. 

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4. Conferencing and Collaboration

A whopping three-quarters of organizations experienced improved productivity of remote employees thanks to voice and videoconferencing. 64 percent of organizations experienced reduced travel costs of over 10 percent.

5. Mobile Integration

About a third (33 percent) of organizations saved 11 to 20 minutes of time per employee daily by allowing mobile integration with the corporate directory and UC functions like click-to-dial, presence, and visual voicemail. Another third (36%) of user organizations saved 11 to 25 percent monthly by using the mobile VoIP that UC enables, thus avoiding cell phone and long distance charges. Also, 40 percent of user organizations said employees saved 11 to 30 minutes per day by having a single business phone number and voicemail across devices.

6. UC in Contact Centers

A full 41 percent of user organizations reported that implementing UC in contact centers has led to a six to 10 percent increase in first-call resolution—a major cost-savings. Another third said that average call response times decreased by 11 to 25 percent. 19 percent saw a 26 to 50 percent reduction in monthly telecom charges thanks to VoIP.

7. Line-Pooling and Elimination of PSTN

Businesses with multiple locations can reap huge savings with UC, especially if they have locations that cross state lines and time zones. Reliance on traditional phone service for these businesses means high long-distance rates. UC can offer a way off the PSTN with VoIP, offering big cost-savings immediately—and then enhanced savings with line-pooling. That means that call paths are not assigned to any single location, but are part of a pool that can be tapped when needed, so businesses pay far less for far fewer lines than in a traditional configuration. 


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