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CRM Integration

It’s the age-old dilemma facing managers and administrators: How to make sales and marketing teams more effective at their jobs, without pushing them too hard and losing their support. 

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Traditional strategies for boosting productivity, for instance—like raising sales quotas or asking employees to work harder—can easily backfire if you are not careful. It could wind up causing more harm than good. Productivity is an important, but touchy, subject. 

Here is another approach you can try: 

Invest in a technology that cuts down on time waste, and makes it easier and more intuitive for workers to hit their quotas. Give them the right tools, and the results are bound to improve organically. 

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In a recent blog post, we explained how you can increase productivity in your organization by integrating customer data with your business phone system. Star2Star, for instance, offers the StarContact service—a VoIP phone system that comes with an embedded CRM solution

With CRM integration, you can maximize the customer data that your business is already using. It’s a way of making the data work harder for your organization.

Here are five ways CRM integration can increase productivity:

1. Understand Customers

Agents should not have to dig through multiple screens to access detailed customer records. CRM integration will allow you to consolidate a wealth of information about the customer journey into one easily accessible platform. When picking up the phone, an agent will be able to see exactly where a customer has been in their buying journey. 

2. Plan Ahead

CRM integration can also help agents identify hidden information that could result in future sales. For instance, during a phone interaction an agent may see on his or her screen that the customer recently downloaded a sales document. He or she could use this knowledge to stoke the fire and move the customer in the right direction. 

3. Streamline Reporting

Managers don’t have the luxury of time when spot-checking interactions for quality control. It’s impossible to sit through each and every customer interaction. CRM integration, however, makes it possible to consolidate agent performance data—giving managers a direct window into how their teams are performing. 

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4. Ditch Spreadsheets

Many sales teams are still using spreadsheets to upload customer data and track progress. This system is not only inefficient, but it also opens the door to human error and abuse. CRM integration will automate the data input process, freeing agents to focus on making more calls — and closing more deals. 

5. Avoid Legal Issues

Sales teams need to be extremely careful not to contact customers on do not call lists. This data changes very frequently. CRM integration can automate this process, saving a great deal of legal trouble and also wasted time. 


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