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Purchasing and installing a new business phone system can be a massive undertaking, and a lot has to go right in order to successfully transition to a new platform. 

What exactly does this process entail? First you need to find a business phone system that aligns closely with your organization's needs. There are many products on the market to browse, and the selection process can be a bit overwhelming. 

Don't rush during this selection process, or you may wind up buying an inferior solution that is incapable of performing consistently at a high level. Take your time, do your research, and make sure that you and your colleagues are truly comfortable with a product before moving forward with a vendor. Always have your end users in mind. 

Once you find a phone system that's right for your organization, you'll need to then conduct a thorough site inspection to make sure you have enough available system resources to support it. Otherwise, you could wind up in a capacity pinch. It's also important to find a project manager to oversee the installation and make sure everything is operating according to plan. 

That's not all you'll need to think about, though. 

Here are three more top criteria for a successful phone system installation:   


One of the top reasons why a business will invest in a new phone system is to save money. However, costs can rack up very quickly, especially as many VoIP providers include hidden fees that you need to be aware of. 

Star2Star's reliable end-to-end architecture has helped 67 percent of customers save 10 percent or more on their monthly communications bill. And 100 percent of customers have cut their monthly operating costs by switching to Star2Star. Star2Star offers flexible pricing options, low upfront plans, and ultra-low long distance rates. 

Seamless deployment

How will you go about deploying your new phone system? Do you intend on hosting your entire operation in the cloud, or will you host it on-site using your own infrastructure? This is a big decision.

Star2Star offers Full Spectrum Communications, which means the company has a solution that is the ideal fit for any customer. 

User Adoption

Picture this: Your phone system is up and running. Models have been deployed to end users. But nobody is using the new phone system because they are either unsatisfied, or don't know how to use the technology. 

When this happens, it can lead to something called "shadow IT" where end users bypass company-owned tools and resort to using their own private communications devices and applications. This is a big security risk. Star2Star offers plenty of support and training for users, which can help train workers and get them feeling comfortable about using the new system. 


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