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Omdia's UCaaS Service Provider Scorecard: North America

Star2Star, a global leader in cloud-native collaboration for the enterprise, was recently evaluated and ranked amongst the top 10 UCaaS Service Providers in North America by Omdia, a global technology research consulting firm. Omdia derives its research from Informa Tech brands and the acquired IHS Markit technology research portfolio. This is Star2Star's 6th consecutive year being ranked as one of the top 10 UCaaS service providers in North America.

OmdiaOmdia's UC as a Service (UCaaS) Service Provider Scorecard: North America Excerpts report identifies the top 10 UCaaS providers by evaluating each company's market-leading metrics and overall position to succeed long term. Their metrics include a total number of UCaaS seats, financial stability, market share momentum, service development, and support options. Omdia also juxtaposed these metrics with the current state of the market, noting widespread consolidation trends. The top 10 providers were selected as leaders based on their overall scores and forecasted future performance.

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