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Selling to the Mid-Market & Enterprise Customer

Learn how to identify and cater to the needs of Mid-Market and Enterprise customers with a Full Spectrum approach to Unified Communications. In the era of customization and tailored solutions, cookie-cutter communications will no longer help meet the needs of larger businesses. Help them increase productivity, save money, and reach their goals with the only solution that can provide the perfect mix of solutions, services, and support from a single provider.

Jay McBain, Principal Analyst with Forrester, joins Star2Star President and Chief Revenue Officer Michelle Accardi as Star2Star's special guest for this exclusive webinar. Jay and Michelle discuss the technology needs of larger businesses and how a Full Spectrum Communications Solution can provide the end-to-end benefits they need to thrive.

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The 7 Secrets Of Business In The Cloud Bonus!... Download "5 Questions With Jay McBain" for exclusive insights from our interview with Jay, a Forrester Principal Analyst, just by filling out this form. Jay answers the top 5 questions regarding UCaaS and Full Spectrum Communications technology.

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