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You And Your Guests Both Benefit From Our Cloud Based Phone Systems

The Hospitality Industry Depends on Communications for Guest Relations and Internal Operations, and Star2Star is Up to the Challenge

Improve Guest Relations

The hospitality industry is all about keeping guests happy, and Star2Star helps you do that. Our bursting line feature makes it so guests never receive a busy signal and never get frustrated. Our user-friendly auto attendants, StarContact CRM integration, and other advanced features make calling hospitality facilities a pleasant and impressive experience for guests. Our fully unified communications system makes it easier to keep track of reservations and other guest information, decreasing the likelihood of a mistake.

Guest Relations

Protect Against Disaster

Many of the most desirable locations for hospitality are also those locations where natural disasters are the most common, from hurricanes along the coasts to avalanches in the mountains. Star2Star offers extensive disaster avoidance and recovery protections so hospitality facilities never lose contact, such as automatic backup and failover, routing to remote numbers, and voicemail access from email.

Protect Against Disaster

Connect Locations

Operating multiple locations is the norm in the hospitality industry. Many restaurants are part of larger chains, many resorts operate dozens of different facilities and hundreds of rooms, and many theme parks operate offices across the entire sprawling property. Star2Star unifies the communications system of an entire operation, no matter how many different facilities must be connected or how widely dispersed they are.  Even better, features such as pooling lines between locations and free calls between all numbers on an account can dramatically reduce the communications costs of multi-location operations.

Connect Locations

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