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Simplify Operations With Star2Star Cloud Based Phones For Schools

Star2Star Provides The Advanced Communications Features And Worry-Free Service That Lets Schools Focus on Teaching


Reliable communications are absolutely essential for schools, as they must deal with complex administrative issues and parent and student relations on a daily basis, as well as being prepared to protect students in the event of an emergency. Star2Star guarantees 99.999% uptime reliability and helps to ensure this guarantee is kept with features like continuous monitoring. Star2Star also offers extensive disaster avoidance, business continuity, and disaster recovery protections so schools never lose contact, such as automatic backup and failover, routing to remote numbers, and voicemail access from email. Whether natural disasters or other unforeseen crises, Star2Star is ready to help.


Advanced Functionality

Star2Star offers numerous advanced features that can dramatically improve school operations no matter the situation. Cloud-based auto-attendants can free up administrative staff for more pressing concerns. Mobile Softphone (iOS and Android) allows staff to receive and send calls from their personal cell phone, but with the school's Caller ID, allowing them to take and make important calls without giving away their personal number. Standard voice conferencing and video conferencing advance education goals through collaboration. Our flexible solution allows you to connect with your staff and students anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Functionality

Cost Savings

Many schools are on an extremely tight budget and must constantly be on the lookout for ways to save. Star2Star can help reduce communications costs in many ways. Our line pooling feature allows multiple locations to share the same pool of phone lines, a particularly useful feature for school districts. Our hardware uses fewer resources, which helps schools meet green initiatives and save on power expenses. We also offer hardware leasing options that reduce the upfront costs of making the switch. Star2Star is eligible for the E-Rate program, making it easier and more affordable for your school to make the switch! 

Cost Savings

Notification & Alerts Packaged Applications

Being able to communicate with teachers, school board members, administrative staff and others at a moment's notice is important for educational institutions. An emergency notification system lets you alert or update your educators and staff immediately and with minimal effort. Star2Star offers Mass Notification system applications, Urgent Notification Packaged Applications, Employee Alert Notification Packaged Applications and CRM integration for all these applications.

Urgent Notification

The Urgent Notification Packaged Application allows Star2Star system administrators to send notifications regarding urgent calls to designated text and email endpoints. This emergency notification app comes in two editions, allowing you to only pay for the features you need. Use cases for educational institutions include:

  • Facility Security Threats, Lockdowns & Crime
  • Severe Weather & Related Notifications
  • Building & Facility Closures
  • Internet, Phone, Or Other System Outages
  • Fire Drills & Evacuations
Mass Notification

This notification system app enables multimodal notification capabilities for any number of recipients. Your Star2Star system administrators and managers can use this facility emergency notification system to send mass notifications via text and/or email, track acknowledgement of receipt, facilitate two-way interactions in near real-time, take secondary actions, and report on history. Use cases for educational institutions include:

  • School Closures, Limited Visitation Hours & Delays in Opening
  • Educator-Specific Messages
  • Event Updates & Reminders
  • Employee Collaboration
Employee Alerts

This employee notification system app allows Star2Star system administrators to send alerts via email and SMS text messaging to all employees or designated groups. Employee Alerts also allows administrators to track and request acknowledgement of receipt and encourages instant engagement from employees with actionable links or phone numbers. This Packaged Application is available in all of our bundles. Use cases for educational institutions include:

  • Office, Campus and Facility Closures & Delayed Openings
  • Alternate Work Schedules
  • COVID-19 Impact Information
  • HR Updates & Reminders
  • Last-minute Reminders
CRM Integration for S2S Notification Systems

The CRM Integration Packaged Application integrates Star2Star solutions with CRM platforms to support click-to-call, inbound screen pops, and call detail tracking features within your own CRM. Our CRM Integration Packaged Application can minimize manual data entry, enable real-time screen pops via CRM for incoming and outgoing calls, automatically log calls via CRM, and allow users to Click-to-Call contacts from CRM screens.

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