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Call Centers

Star2Star Provides Modern Contact Center Solutions

If your business operates a contact center, you need to check out what Star2Star can do for you.

Contact Center vs. Call Center

In a day and age where customers have more options than ever, it's imperative to provide the best customer service to everyone that interacts with your customer service team. Your call center is the frontline for informing, retaining, and winning new customers. Providing customers friendly service and getting them to the right person quickly can make or break a customer interaction. If you're looking for a way to upgrade your customer experience and enhance the productivity of your staff, our contact center solution is perfect for you! See how you can expand your call center's capabilities with an advanced contact center solution:

  • Provide customers with multiple channels for communication
  • Communicate via email, mail, social media, and telephone traffic
  • Increase the efficiency of your agents so they can assist multiple customers via online chat or texting.

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Contact Center - Contact Center vs Call Center - Contact Center Solutions

Call Center Solutions: Meet Star2Star's Contact Center

The call center industry has become increasingly competitive, with new features and services being introduced constantly. Star2Star's Contact Center is a complete, full-featured inbound call center only available from Star2Star that keeps users on the cutting edge. Contact Center makes it easy to add and administer queues and agents with an easy-to-use web-based interface. Star2Star delivers advanced and customizable features such as call routing, management, and reporting.

Contact Center vs Call Center - Contact Center - Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center's built-in analytics provide call center managers the power to turn raw call center data into usable information that helps propel a business forward. Contact center analytics allow agents and managers alike to compare performance against peers or administrative benchmarks and display real-time information and summary reports of collected data. Contact Center's analytics makes us unique to other contact center solutions.

If your business needs customer analytics, but a full-scale contact center isn't the right fit, you should consider our Service Insight solution. Service Insight is designed to elevate the customer engagement experience by providing in-depth customer analytics to every department.

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Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center Scalability

Star2Star's contact center solution is incredibly scalable. We make it as easy as possible to add new users so a call center can continue to grow unimpeded. Some of the largest retail and restaurant chains in North America already depend on Star2Star for all of their call center needs. Call centers that utilize Star2Star's Contact Center solution are not limited by their technology and software. See how much you can save today with Star2Star's Contact Center bundle.

Contact Center Scalability

Contact Center Notification & Alerts - Packaged Applications

Being able to communicate with employees, staff, and others at a moment's notice is important. A Contact Center emergency notification system lets you alert or update your employees immediately and with minimal effort. Star2Star offers Mass Notification system applications, Urgent Notification Packaged Applications, Employee Alert Notification Packaged Applications and CRM integration for all of these applications with our Contact Center solution.

Contact Center Urgent Notification

The Urgent Notification Packaged Application allows system administrators to send notifications regarding urgent calls to designated text and email endpoints. This Contact Center emergency notification app comes in two editions, allowing you to only pay for the features you need. We're here to help you determine which Contact Center technology is best for your urgent notification needs. Use cases for call centers include:

  • Facility Security Threats, Lockdowns & Crime
  • Severe Weather & Related Notifications
  • Building, Call Center & Facility Closures
  • Internet, Phone, Or Other System Outages
  • Fire Drills & Evacuations
  • Mass Notification
Contact Center Mass Notification

This Contact Center notification system app enables multimodal notification capabilities for any number of recipients. Your system administrators and managers can use this facility emergency notification system to send mass notifications via text and/or email, track acknowledgment of receipt, facilitate two-way interactions in near real-time, take secondary actions, and report on history. Use cases for call centers include:

  • Facility Closure, Limited Operation Hours & Changes in Opening Hours
  • Marketing Messages
  • Event Updates & Reminders
  • Mass Communication Notices to Onsite & Remote Employees
  • Employee Collaboration
  • Employee Alerts
Contact Center Employee Alerts

This Contact Center employee notification system app allows system administrators to send alerts via email and SMS text messaging to all employees or designated groups. Employee Alerts also allows administrators to track and request acknowledgment of receipt and encourages instant engagement from employees with actionable links or phone numbers. This Packaged Application is available in all of our bundles. Use cases for call centers include:

  • Office or Facility Closures & Delayed Openings
  • Alternate Work Schedules
  • COVID-19 Impact Information
  • HR Updates & Reminders
  • Last-minute Reminders
CRM Integration for S2S Notification Systems in our Contact Center Solution

The CRM Integration Packaged Application integrates Star2Star Contact Center solutions with CRM platforms to support click-to-call, inbound screen pops, and call detail tracking features within your own CRM. Our CRM Integration Packaged Application can minimize manual data entry, enable real-time screen pops via CRM for incoming and outgoing calls, automatically log calls via CRM, and allow users to Click-to-Call contacts from CRM screens. Without Contact Center, normal call center operations can't manage all of this.

Let us help you improve your call center or add contact center capabilities to your business. See how our Contact Center solution bundles beat the competition and put more money in your pocket.

Notification & Alerts Packaged Applications

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