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NASA & Star2Star Were Founded On The Same Principles: Innovation & Exploration

The Star2Star Space Museum contains many artifacts and commemorative pieces from NASA's history. We've created a museum for our employees to have something to cherish. The museum covers the history of space exploration, from the dawn of the space program through the invention of the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station to the advance of the Russian and Chinese space programs.

  • The First Woman In Space

    Valentina Tereshkova: Hero Or Political Pawn

    Tereshkova First Woman in Space
  • Watches

    Time In Space: Without Our Watches We Would Be Lost

    Space Watch
  • Suborbital Mercury Flights

    The Dangers Of Splashdown: A Hop Into History

  • The Space Shuttle Program

    A Program That Defined A Generation

    Space Shuttle
  • The International Space Station

    A Truly Multinational Endeavor

  • Shenzhou

    China:The Next Superpower In Space?

  • Uniforms

    Style For The Space Age

    Space Uniform
  • Life Support

    Take A Deep Breath: Staying Alive In Space

    oxygen supply
  • Space Mania

    Pop Culture Fell In Love With Space

    Space Games
  • Blasting Out Of The Atmosphere

    Blasting Off

    Blasting Off
  • Mission Patches

    A Mission Insignia: Symbol Of A Mission To The Moon

  • Launchpads

    The Starting Point: The Gateway To Space

  • How To "Go" In Space

    When You Gotta Go...

    When You Gotta Go
  • The Apollo Guidance Computer

    Guiding A Spacecraft To The Moon

    Apollo Guidance Computer
  • Gene Kranz

    Calling The Shots: Ruler Of The Mission

    Gene Kranz
  • Gemini

    Twins In Orbit: NASA's Bridge To The Moon

  • Apollo 13

    The Successful Failure

    Apollo 13
  • The Apollo Program

    Artifacts From America's Lunar Progress

    The Apollo program