Add Voice To Your Portfolio

Partnering with Star2Star gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the industry's best partner model. Only our Partners have the opportunity to sell, white-label, and/or install the world's only Full Spectrum Communications Solution. Add Voice to your portfolio with our Desktop as a Service solution, StarDaaS™, powered by Citrix. StarDaaS™ is the Star2Star branded name for our Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop solution that provides cloud-optimized storage, and anywhere, anytime access to virtual apps and desktops with any device.

Citrix Ready & Certified

citrixAs the industry's only Citrix Ready UCaaS Partner, our unique partnership with Citrix allows Star2Star to package our award-winning, industry-leading UCaaS solution, StarCloud, including multiple UCaaS applications such as video conferencing and messaging, with the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop solution to create a one-of-a-kind user experience. This solution allows businesses to easily deploy a virtual desktop with all the productivity applications they need including StarCloud in a high quality, consistent, and secure manner that ensures an unparalleled user experience.

The First And ONLY UCaaS Application In A Virtual Desktop

Unifying your customer's communications goes hand-in-hand with optimizing their operations and end-user tools. Our virtual desktop solution integrates the office workspace with our Full Spectrum Communications Solution, allowing your customers to stay connected to every tool that they need to be productive from anywhere.

Your customer's business is wherever they go; it's at the office, on their laptops at home, and even on their mobile phone. The ability to communicate on the go and access critical documents securely is more important than ever. In order to keep up, they need a workspace solution that goes wherever they do.

Star2Star's Desktop as a Service, StarDaaS™, provides cloud-optimized virtual apps and desktops, storage, and anywhere, anytime access to a desktop with any device.

Expand Your Portfolio, And Exceed Your Customers' Expectations

Expand your product and solution portfolio without costly capital expenditures or additional resource allocation. Improve customer retention rates and increase profit margins while accelerating service-based revenues and maintaining customer satisfaction. It's all easier than ever with Star2Star. Our system has the 99.999% uptime reliability that your customers need and simplifies your workload. Our 99.85% customer retention rate is the highest of any unified communications leader, as is the commission rate we provide our partners. 

The Star2Star Communications Partner program offers the best compensation model, and includes such features as:

  • High-value, flexible evergreen monthly commission income structure with the highest commissions in the industry
  • High levels of customer trust from the most reliable platform
  • Billing support, marketing, co-op training, and certification
  • We don't sell direct, so we will NEVER compete with you
  • A 99.85% customer retention rate 
  • A complete support solution including: sales, billing, marketing, training, and more - we make it easy for you to do business
  • The only Full Spectrum Communications Solution in the marketplace that can address customers of all sizes via a complete robust product set including Unified Communications, Contact Center, Virtual Desktop, SD-WAN, and so much more

The Benefits Of Full Spectrum Communications

Star2Star's Full Spectrum Communications Solution offers end-to-end solutions for every business need. We have engineered a unified system designed for the modern small to enterprise organization and customized to their unique needs. Full Spectrum Communications include:

  • StarCloud+
  • StarCloud
  • StarCenter®, our advanced contact center
  • StarPaaS®, our integrations platform
  • A complete suite of advanced UC features including Voice, Chat, Mobile, Fax, Contact Center, Virtual Desktop, SD-WAN, and so much more


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