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Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Excellence Award: Unified Communications Deployment Architectures

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Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Cloud Unified Communications Buyers’ Guide compares and contrasts the Unified Communications offerings from 20 of more than 120 vendors worldwide, comparing core offerings, pricing options, key features and capabilities, and company performance metrics.

Star2Star received praise for its unique cloud architecture that provides superior service quality and reliability. The guide also noted that their Full Spectrum approach “offers an appealing alternative” to fully hosted or complex premise-based systems.

“Star2Star ensures service quality and reliability on multiple levels, which differentiates it from the majority of cloud and premises-based communications providers,” said Elka Popova, Program Director and Senior Fellow at Frost & Sullivan.

From a partner perspective, the guide observed that Star2Star’s channel-based strategy makes “Star2Star the preferred partner for many resellers as that eliminates any conflict of interest.” The guide also observed that partners are drawn to Star2Star for the company’s broad portfolio, account protection policies, and evergreen residual commission policy.

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