Star2Star Gives Our Partners The Knowledge And Tools Needed To Successfully Sell, Install, And Support Our Solutions

We have training and accreditation programs specifically designed for all partners types.

TrainingThe Star2Star Accreditation Program is designed to ensure that our partners have sufficient knowledge to successfully market, design, implement, and support the Star2Star solution. The program includes training and professional certifications for both sales and technical job roles.

All Star2Star training programs are designed with the professional partner in mind, but are still useful to partners seeking more in-depth knowledge of their StarSystem. Each training program has different goals, with some being broad overviews and others being highly technical and specific, but all provide crucial information for anyone interested in learning more about the capabilities of the StarSystem and how to operate it.

Star2Star offers both in-person training and online training to our Partners.  You can register for an in-person course by selecting the Market and Sell link below. Channel Partners can register for online training by selecting the Star Academy link and Agents can register for online training by selecting the Agent Star Academy link. Star Academy offers a variety of training topics including product, process, and application training. Please register for Star Academy to view the latest courses available to you.

Effective Training


Please check below for our training options: 

Course NameIn-Person or OnlineMore Information
Market & SellIn-PersonFind Out More
Star Academy - Reseller PartnersOnlineRegister
Star Academy - Agent PartnersOnlineRegister