Delivering An Entire Suite Of Voice And Unified Communications Solutions

Want a solution for quick and easy on-the-fly conference calls? Or a solution that keeps your business up and running during any kind of outage or catastrophe? Star2Star delivers a full suite of products and services as part of our end-to-end cloud-based unified communications solution.

100% of Surveyed Customers Increased Productivity

  • Voice Features

    Voice features for improved collaboration and productivity

  • Pooling & Bursting Lines

    Unite your locations and dramatically slash your costs.

  • Advanced Call Center

    Improve your call center’s performance with StarCenter™

  • Mobile Applications

    A full IP telephone application with advanced presence

  • Conferencing

    Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks

  • CRM Integration

    Fully utilize data for faster, more personalized service.

  • Call Recording

    Save calls for later use.

  • Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

    Always have a reliable phone connection.

  • Fax: StarFax™ Classic, StarFax™ Personal, & StarFax™ Mobile

    Fax with or without a traditional fax machine.

  • Instant Messaging

    Hold productive conversations without picking up the phone.

  • Presence Management: StarScope® 2

    Monitor and control all of your communications.

  • Partner Services

    Ensure all your needs are met.

  • SIP Trunking: StarSIP AlwaysUp

    Reliable, cost-effective SIP solutions

  • Managed Network Services: StarBand

    The reliability and security businesses need

  • StarBox® Voice Optimized SD-WAN Family

    Hardware specifically designed to fit any business

  • VideoConferencing: StarVideo

    Connects employees face-to-face at the touch of a button.

  • Government Solutions

    Meet all the communications challenges faced by government

  • StarReporter

    Valuable, Digestible Business Analytics

  • StarSystem® Hosted

    All-inclusive cloud communications solution