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Our Features

Dramatic Savings

Reduce your phone bill with cost saving features such as line pooling and bursting, cost reducing hardware, and flexible billing and payment options

Exclusive Features

Increase productivity and operating efficiency with features only we can deliver, including the StarBox Cloud Connection Manager, StarRecovery, and StarScope

Guaranteed Reliability

Star2Star monitors every system continuously with our StarWatch technology, allowing us to guarantee 99.999% uptime reliability

Customer Satisfaction

Star2Star customers are so satisfied that we have the highest customer retention rate in the industry

Video Conferencing

Meet with up to 12 users face-to-face, even if participants are physically located on opposite ends of the country


StarPhone for iPhone provides mobile workers features such as Find Me/ Follow Me making it so they never have to be out of contact

Blended Architecture

Star2Star’s solutions are designed with a unique blended architecture, allowing our customers to take advantage of the best features of both on-premise and exclusively cloud-based systems

and more...

Are busy signals, calling costs and inability to make outbound calls hurting your business? If your current phone system is doing more harm than good, get on the line with Star2Star. Our innovative pooling and bursting feature keeps your monthly telephone costs down, while ensuring there are always enough lines available, no matter how busy things get.
Our StarWatch technology makes sure everything is working perfectly, all the time.
Most Customers Cut Their Phone Bills In Half!

We're not the only ones excited about Star2Star...

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